Terms And Conditions

As per our Terms And Conditions If we found that the user have shared their login details, then their license will get removed.

Lifetime access will be hand over.

See the demo video and pay only if you like it.

Terms And Conditions with access and permissions

Users are only granted access to the Platform. Register for courses and avail services accessible with our portal as a visitor.

And without creating an account on the Platform or giving any Personal Information. Our website takes no burden or approves the data given by the visitor. Aside from as in any case required under any law, guideline or an order of competent authority.

Payment once made will not pay back.

Do not share your OTP with regard to Login with anyone.

As a user you will at all times adhere to all laws applicable to your use of our service.

If you provide any suggestions about the improvements of any of our services. we will own all rights and title with view to the suggestions. Even if you have designated the suggestions as confidential. We must choose to use the suggestions without restriction.

In case there is any error in the processing of any payment transaction. Digital Akshara will not be considered responsible for it.

You will follow any technical and operational specifications provided. Or made available by us from time to time above to the service.

While availing any of the payment methods which are available on the website. Then we will not be responsible for any liability.

In Whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising to you due to lack of authorization in any transactions. which are made by you and between banks. And any payment issues arising out of the transaction. Or decline of transaction for any other reasons.