Privacy And Policy

Digital Akshara focuses on securing your privacy policy . Digital Akshara will review our systems in a daily manner to secure your personal data. Authorized representatives need to know the premise only apply any data received from you.

Any User who doesn't agree with any provision of this privacy and policy to leave the Platform right away.

As a team we will examine any complaint. Or such activities with the view of prosecuting as well. And taking civil proceedings to recoup damages against those responsible.

If you clash with Privacy Policy and still keep on accessing the Platform in add your personal data. It will disclaim all the liabilities emerging along these lines. And it will affect your go on usage of the Platform that you have acknowledged the Policy. and any other online terms and conditions accessible on the Plaform..

Users let to access the Platform, register for courses and avail services accessible. As a visitor without creating an account on the Platform or giving any Personal data. Then we takes no liability or approve the data gave by the visitor. Aside from as in any case required under any law, guideline or an order of competent authority.

Other data mentioned on the registration page. Including the ability to get special or promotional offers are optional.

It may track calls receive and made for making enquiries, registered courses. Feedback or different purposes to render services in efficient and effective manner.

It may update or alter this Private Policy at any time, with or without any advance notice. In the event if there are any significant changes. In that manner then it treat User personal derivative data. Digital Akshara will display a notification on the Platform or send Users an email.

Present Privacy Policy to all data that Digital Akshara has about Users and their record.

Privacy Policy Agreement.

Despite the above mentioned, it will not need to inform the Users of any changes made to the Privacy Policy. If you have any concern or reject the changes in the Privacy Policy. You can drop to agree the changes and opt for pull out your Personal Information.

It may have to apply Personal Information without note to any person for research. Business intelligence purpose and statistical analysis and may transfer such research. Statistical information in a collect or clear form to third parties and affiliates.

Digital Akshara has taken all reasonable precautions to regard Personal Information as confidential. With industry standards that it has implemented to shield from unauthorized access. In fit use or hint, alteration and wrongful destruction of the Personal Information.

Privacy Disclaimer

This Privacy Policy applies to all Users who access the Platform and must to read. And catch the Policy before submitting any personal information. If you have submitted any personal information before reading the Private Policy statements. set out thus.

And you don't agree with the way wherein the personal information met. stored or utilized, at that point you may get to, change and delete all data stored about You by keeping in touch with us.

Unacademy encourages the User to read the privacy policies of that such website.

This Private Policy applies to the Platform and any other services that is gone and operated by our team. Third party sites may put their own cookies or different documents on the Users' PC. Gather information personal data from the Users, for which we are not responsible.

Digital Akshara doesn't make any agents on the privacy policies of such third parties. Or terms of use of such sites, nor does we ensure the precision, integrity, or nature of the data, information. The text, software, sound, photos, illustrations, recordings, messages. And different materials accessible on such sites.

The incorporation or exclusion doesn't imply any underwriting by digital akshara. The website's providers, or the data on the website. Digital Akshara urges the User to read the Private Policy of that such website.

Digital Akshara doesn't make any free calls. In any case market any services. Or products except for in relation to the purpose for which such data had given. Or taking any feedback, addressing to any complaints, informing you about new features. And free or paid courses.

User will not reveal their Personal Information to any third parties. And that is not authorized by Digital Akshara. And verify the identity of such person who seek for data.

we will communicate with the Users through call, SMS, email posted on platform . Or through some other accessible methods, which will incorporate. But not be restrict to message. Different types of messaging, calls and so forth. The Users can change their email and contact preferences whenever they want. By signing into their account or by sending an email to us.

Digital Akshara may, if you so choose can send direct mailers to you at the address given by you. You have the option to 'quit' of this direct mailer by way of links provided at the base of every mailer.

Digital Akshara regards your privacy and to the extent that you choose not to get such mailers. Digital Akshara will take all steps to remove you from the list. Should you proof any violation of our terms and policies. It would be ideal if you keep in touch with us and report such incident.

All the data provided to Digital Akshara by you. You as a User set that the equal including sensitive Personal Information. That is valid accurate and voluntary. User has the privilege to withdraw data whenever they want. As per the terms of this Private Policy and the Terms of Service.